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We'd hate to see a nuclear missile or hypersonic come along and blow it for everyone.

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Pre-Launch Missile Defense.

The DC Strategic Group is a technology design, defense, and strategy firm serving public and private sector mission-critical teams worldwide. Since 2016 we have led the nation in viable Pre-Launch Missile Defense development. No other nation on earth has this capability.


Our Air Defense Portfolio

GPS and Satellite

The world's GPS satellite networks are a critical part of any air defense because incoming missiles and other military weapons require precise navigation at exceptionally high speed - up to 6X the speed of light - to launch and operate. Defending military require navigation to launch interceptors or evade incoming counter-measures. But before militaries even get to the guidance and boost stage, all but extremely short-range missiles engage in some level of navigational feedback.

Hypersonic Defense

These extremely fast missiles or UAV are game changers for traditional American air defense, Israeli short-range defense like Iron Dome or Sling, and require complete reworking of already challenged traditional defense like Patriot or MDA. Because hypersonic jets or missiles fly at such high rates of speed, with flexible trajectories that can change mid-course and fly underneath traditional missile defense response trajectories, they are game-changers.

Disruptive Innovation

Our Pre-Launch Missile Defense framework is disruptive. No doubt about it. It demands a shift in outlook from waiting to be attacked, and then firing back (interceptors); to simply neutralizing an enemy's 'right' to launch, guide and arm any weapon against us.

America did not get to be No. 1 by being timid. When our intent is global defense, we have the right to be even more aggressive than our enemies.


DC Strategic Supports the US Cabinet in Satellite Vulnerability Analysis

Since September 11, 2001, our team has provided executive-level intelligence and defense advisory and support to senior teams and leadership, including the US Executive Office of the President.