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TSA – TTAC Infrastructure Modernization Program (TIM)

DHS in April 2017 awarded $64M for Agile services to support TSA and other IT modernization. DSG has provided IT and Cloud migration, agile, and cyber security leadership and services across an array of federal acquisitions, to support overall DHS and DOD Mission attainment.

We support law enforcement, military, and homeland security units worldwide with predictive insight and services for AI- and heuristic-driven analysis and training. Our trainers have coached teams at Glynco (FLETC), Quantico, and on-site in Iraq and elsewhere.

DSG was one of the first contractors globally to roll out, in December 2016, a social-media OSINT and analytics suite, customizeable for each client based on language and professional arena. We also support basic event-based intelligence interview and synthesis. Recent counter-terrorism support includes work with Florida Secret Service and USMC Manpower HQ-Quantico, as well as London Met PD, on identification of individuals and networks following the London Bridge attacks June 3, 2017.

Our founder was one of the original Sept. 11, 2001 counter-terrorist individuals supporting the US Oval Office, from Florida. A key training location for that event.

International Space Station.

DSG has led research and engineering design to pilot new ways to support flight, pilot, and UAV or satellite guidance and communications systems for over 16 years. Most recently we have supported satnet R&D related to missile defense and ISR cyber security.

One of our most rewarding innovations was support for a tiny NASA prime contractor in California, which is no longer in business. But this wonderful company pioneered a new type of space tape, amongst other innovation, that remains the gold standard for current space experiments. It was a tiny, husband and wife-operated manufacturing plant with giant vision and imagination. That beat even the big guys.

Size of company is no predictor of depth of vision or quality of product. Tesla and SpaceX - bankrupt before NASA agreed to fund them - is a stunning example of this.

US Navy Jet Fuel. Robotics.

NASA-JPL proposed to build RoboSimian, a simian-inspired, limbed robot that will use deliberate and stable operations to complete challenging tasks under supervised teleoperation.

An iteration before this, DSG supported similar self-propelled robotics that could navigate variable terrain and power themselves from crop and other bio-waste found on the ground. Similar R&D we have led or supported includes US Navy jet fuel (algae), and algae-powered buildings and sites. Much of this work has been under or for the dual umbrella of NASA-DARPA and the US Department of Energy.

September 11 and Air Safety

Following September 11, our founder supported two key initiatives:
1) The formation of US Homeland Security, under its first Director, Tom Ridge: and
2) Dramatic strengthening of airport and flight safety policy and regulations, using Exective Order mandate from President George Bush.

Our founder contributed original technical specs for DHS, for container and port security. For EO she worked with American Airlines and its pilot training center in Sanford, Florida, as well as other pilot organizations, to draft new standards for weapons in cockpits, boarding and screening, and she personally led efforts to implement new mandates for mandatory minimum fuel requirements on inter-continental flights, and for new cargo weight : fuel ratios to provide better margins for landing or alternate route safety.

Our founder was also recognized by the US Oval Office and European Union and UK leadership, for September 11 intelligence and counter-terrorism work. Something that tragically led to violence against her family, and the eventual kidnap and disappearance of her young 8-yr-old son, Evan. His case was assigned a new NCMEC # in 2015. No one really remembers this little boy, or why he got hurt or killed. He is the first child hurt over a mother's CIA reputation or work on US soil, in US history.