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Software Development

ADVANCED IT Software Development, Cloud and Big Data. DODAF and Solution Architectures.

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From NASA space station support to drone guidance: mission assurance and IT.

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Intelligence and Cyber

Police and military intelligence, NATO and US: software, training, and analysis. Humint innovation and DLA services.

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From Defense GovCon ROI to global MOU and executive negotiations, we offer a range of critical C-Suite advisory services.

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DSG is the world's leader in PRE-LAUNCH MISSILE DEFENSE and remote tactical warfare innovation.

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Recent News


3 October 2017

Supporting the Mandalay Bay Investigation

After learning of the shootings just as they started, we provided private support to West Coast Federal Law Enforcement agencies for the Mandalay Bay investigation. We have supported RICO and counter-terrorism enforcement for over 15 years.   Our founder supported the calling of a Special Prosecutor by former VA Governor Bob McDonald to address Nevada-related crime syndicate and casino activities in Virginia and Washington DC metro. We are also leaders in intelligence linkage of US syndicate networks to global terror networks, later affirmed by the US Senate.

November 2017

A Very New Missile Defense against North Korea

DSG hand-delivered to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson a final draft  of identified Space and Satellite vulnerabilities that expose US military resources to enemy use:

  • ISIL (Daesh) used US satnet resources for both offensive and defensive purpose during its capture and seige of Mosul and other areas with heavy civilian casualties;
  • We have demonstrated, with collaboration from EU colleagues, that US satnet is being used by North Korea to launch and guide its missiles.

DSG is the world leader in Pre-Launch Missile Defense - an entirely new layer of interception to sit in front of THAAD or MEADS missile defense.

December 2017

Global Macro-Economic World View: ASIA + Fintech

DSG provides technical support and strategy for US-based global risk management firms, with a specialization in Asia. Two featured clients: Anari World View and a confidential Saudi Aramco subsidiary. We provide both global markets / macro-economics forecasts to support US GovCon or commercial investors, including MOU and executive negotiations support; and technical strategy and data analytics support for global investment and forecasting clients who will be operating in challgenging Asian or Mideast regions.

Stop viewing intelligence and response as isolated silos..

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