Leveraging the best in Global Supply Chain

We bid as prime and sub-contractor for US government contracts. And we also sometimes bid on global tenders - particularly UN, OSCE, and OTAN/NATO tenders - and serve business clients. If you are interested in becoming a vendor (or partnering with us), please contact our sales office for specific requirements. We welcome new dialogue, and if you feel you are competitive in pricing schedule or offer better quality or other market advantage, we would love to hear from you.

In general, we follow US Department of Defense, Commerce, and FBI guidelines. This means:

  • No gray market or off-brand equipment;
  • No equipment or materials made in or originating from Russia, China, Taiwan, India, or other banned nations or nations doing business with banned nations;
  • We must see the paperwork for any materials purchase originating from or involving global supply chain; and
  • We cannot do business with any vendor using Chinese, North Korean, Russian or other banned citizen labor or management; and we would have to request review from the US Federal level on a case-by-case basis, for any former citizen of banned nations.