There is a reason we were asked to review and advise on MOU for Saudi Aramco and other key players, before the world's largest IPO (2017-2018): Integrity. Vision. Insight.


Our portfolio includes: the US Departments of Treasury, Defense / DFAS, and Commerce; Capitol One, VISA, and Morgan Stanley. We focus on global growth, internal risk and audit, compliance in government and defense markets, and financial cyber.


For start-ups and rapid growth clients, we provide  short-term and  long-term perspectives on technology innovation, defense-energy-technology markets, and first round / investor attraction. Unicorns are especially exciting, because of the tremendous innovation each one of them represents. As one of the world's leading air defense, space and defense innovators we bring both engineering and market insight to any entrepreneurial launch.


Even if you don't make it to "unicorn" status the first time out .. we'll make sure your financial growth, funding, and innovation is as optimal and rapid as possible. Rapid prototype. Rapid acceptance.




The World’s 200+ Unicorns,
in One Giant Map



Unicorn Advisory

  • Lender and Market Advisory
  • Innovative Investment Solutions
  • Board Recruitment
  • Market Compete and Engineering Analysis