STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathmatics

STEM is critically important to our nation's future and current security. These are the subject arenas that will guide our steps into space, let us address dwindling natural resources and diminishing air quality, let us cure cancer and defend against hypersonic and nuclear threat.

We work with leading US academic and scientific institutions - SLAC (Stanford Accelorator), MIT, Howard Hughes Biomedical, etc) nationwide and in Canada, to support technology transfer from hard sciences and research into US Defense and civilian agency usage. We also help US universities and commercial R&D target and obtain key funding from DARPA, arpa-E, and other intelligence or federal government funding sources.

We also support product development, prototype, aviation accident research and avionics innovation: for over 18 years. Our work iin this arena includes USAF jet engine innovation, large enterprise maintenance and test contracts, and AI-driven flight safety work.

Why Counter-Intelligence is Critical to America's National Security

DC Strategic Group is one of the world's leading authorities on Chinese cyber, foreign collection, and counter-intelligence. Our portfolio includes partnership with Europe, Israel, and US Defense Department teams or senior leadership on Chinese ISP hijacking; human factor industrial and military espionage; hardware, network, and software cyber intrusion.



Recent Work

Re-Inventing Global Navigation
Imagine rushing your child to a friend's birthday party, keying in the address to your cell phone - or climbing into your favorite fighter jet to head off an enemy strike - only to find your GPS is "out." What's our back-up?

DSG has advocated for several years, the urgency of developing alternatives to our current satellite-based GPS navigational system. For two reasons: 1) it is an attractive target for China or other rogue nations; and 2) the day may come when our only way to avoid nuclear or ICBM disaster is to knock out EVERYONE'S gps systems, so that no missiles can be guided against anyone. R2D2 is the nickname for the old but still useful "Blackbird" celestial-based system.

Industry and BioMed

Traditional defense contractors, corporations and startups - or biomed research facilities such as Genentech, Noblis, or the Howard Huges Medical Institute - are the second piece of any global innovation framework. Let us introduce you to either side of this equation.

For BioMed we also offer SEC and tax filing services and guidance.

Boeing 737

When the first 737 MCAS crash occurred last fall (2018), Boeing missed two key points: 1) that Pre-Flight check lists should have included checking the sensor which incorrectly triggered the MCAS to engage; and 2) that there were 3 ways for pilots to disengage the stabalizer strut system, which Boeing thought would also correct any MCAS nose-down issues, but that only 1 of these 3 maneuvers would let the jet and its passengers survive.

Boeing also manufactures critical US and OTAN missile defense systems. This lack of attention to detail and failure to step up to the plate and accept full responsibility in the wake of lives lost is extremely worrisome for our Western missile defense.