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US to buy Israeli Iron Dome missile defence system



Iron Dome, which boasts a 95% success rate, is a limited, location-specific short-range missile defense similar to Thaad. Primarily a border defense against unsophisticted but constant Palestinian attacks, the Dome works well for short-range, predictable, non-smart weapons. It does not defend against  ICBM, nuclear, or hypersonic attacks.


Re-Inventing Mid- to Long-Range Nuclear Defense



Our founder, Lucy Carpenter,  has followed her father's nuclear weapons engineering and intelligenc footsteps for almost 20 years. Out of this foundation grew the nation's first viable response to mid- and long-range, ICBM/Nuclear/Hypersonic attack:  PRE-LAUNCH.  Ms Carpenter did the EDA (engineering design). Her father had patent and White House recognition for inventions in nuclear arming and targeting. US military command officers lent the time to review and affirm it.


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