What We Offer: Early Innovation, Common Good Arenas

  • Big Science, Big Returns. There's nothing like being first with a really great idea. And finding others just like you.

    Our work includes close collaboration with US Department of Energy and Canadian Nuclear Labs - especially ORNL, Idaho National Laboratory and Sandia National Labs -  and US Department of Defense and Homeland Security agencies and innovator funders, such as DARPA.

    Sometimes we are leading T(2)M R&D and private market introduction and negotiations; sometimes we are development the innovation ourselves and teaming for test or proto-type funding.


    Example 1: US Navy Jet Fuel
    USN + Oakridge National Labs, USDOE

    Our selection of Sapphire Energy in 2010 was so contentious we almost lost the entire Navy program. They were not "big" enough, or known enough, and .. why pick pond scum for fuel, anyway? None of the giant global energy firms liked us or this idea. But we saw in Sapphire the vision and engineering and design soundness that most great paradigm shifts are made of. And 7 years later, in 2017, the entire US Navy Pacific Fleet is using algae oil jet fuel.

    The US Navy was so committed to finding a sustainable green fuel source that it decided to pay more in the short term, for algae over other traditional fuel, to reap much more in the long-term.



    Our Special Focus: Defense and Intelligence Technology Innovation

    • We offer a proven portfolio of visionary leadership in T(2)M and original engineering for Defense, Intelligence, and Energy

      Traditional missile defense  is triggered by atmospheric detection of missile debris, gases and microscopic metal fragments  found in the air after an above-ground launch. Similar detection alerts US or Western military to under-water launches, from submarines.

      DSG has worked with US Army special commanders, former military and other partners since 2016 to pioneer a new type of missile defense that begins before missiles even leave the ground.

      We are dedicated to government service and common good innovation. Whatever the arena or industry vertical involved, we offer visionary innovation built on sound technical and engineering principles.