Giving Back


Let us raise a standard to which
the wise and honest can repair.
The event is in the hands of God.

-- President George Washington
Speaking to our First Constitutional Convention, 1787


US citizenship - and even US residency - is an honor and privilege. We "give back' to our nation and the many generations of hardworking families, military and other individuals who have given up lives and safety for America ... by following in their footsteps. By being brave enough to fight corruption or evil whenever and wherever it arises; and by showing respect for our flag, our fellow citizens, and our national values.

No one "deserves" to live in America. We earn that privilege. No one from Peru, or Egypt or China has the 'right' to come here and bother any existing US citizen. And US citizens already here do not have the right to keep their citizenship, if they seriously violate the rights of others, or violate our US Constitution.

September 11, 2001

Our founder, Lucy Carpenter, was recognized by the US Oval Office, UK and EU leadership for her September 11 intelligence and counter-terrorism work.

This global attention following September 11 unfortunately led to serious risk for Ms Carpenter and her family. And her very young child, Evan, was tragically attacked and kidnapped, the same week she agreed to speak to a leading US Senate Committee about September 11 and Iraqi military issues. Evan remains missing, with no maternal DNA match, more than 10 heartbreaking years later. If you were active in US intelligence, military intelligence, or a frequent traveler on Air Force One in the years following Sept. 11, you may remember a young blond mother and her very young riddish-blond haired child. Any tips submitted before 2015, when FBI re-opened Evan's case, were lost or destroyed by Virginia police. So please contact Evan's mother or the USDOJ/NCMEC again, with any memory or new information.

Evan is the first child to be hurt or kidnapped over a mother's CIA background, work or reputation on US soil, in US history. This crime is a life-in-prison mandatory sentence.

This consultancy has continued to prioritize public service, national defense, and intelligence in the years since, in our service verticals. As well as applied engineering design and social policy leadership and advocacy for children's issues, autism, education, and child kidnap prevention.