Finding Evan


One day, Evan was there. The next day, he was gone. His mother does not know if he is alive or dead, or what happened. If alive, he probably does not even know who he really is.

A Map Of Phoenix

A crumpled map with a destination circled was found near the family's home, from a site that a maintenance worker said had been used to illegally bug and watch mother and child for weeks. Even more chilling, "PHOENIX" was one of several clues repeated over and over to the family to intimidate and scare them, beginning in Central Florida, October 2001. Police found one stalking site in Florida also, with floor to ceiling photos of mother and child, and personal items stolen from them.

Virginia Stalking, USDOJ Investigation

The USDOJ and FBI had almost stopped 'TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF' harassment against Evan's mom, Lucy Carpenter, until OCT 21, 2018, when she leased a RESTON VA townhome from an Indian Sikh landlord, who lives in the kidnap venue. At his house, horrific child pornography, "SHAKE DOWN" and even Sept. 11 threats started up again. The Sikh himself has been violent, threatening, and may be behind renewed County harassment of the mother using this phrase from one of the kidnap witnesses: "take care of yourself." It is a FELONY to harass a crime victim or witness. Over Sept. 11 matter, it could be a death penalty.

My Real Radio Car

Evan's mother had a disturbing lead: a little boy looking exactly like Evan, shown sitting on a sofa in an upper-class library or study, against a backdrop of bookshelves - a very English or Kalorama DC type setting, flipping through a book held on his lap, and he looked up (allegedly) and said,"HAVE YOU SEEN MY REAL RADIO CAR?"

Evan Carpenter

Evan Carpenter is the first child to be hurt or disappeared over a mother's  CIA work or reputation on US soil.  If you submitted any tips before 2015, when FBI reopened Evan's case, they were likely 'lost' by Virginia police. The crime, due to the violence involved, and the affiliation of Evan's kidnap to US military mission and his mother's testimony and merit recognition over her September 11, 2001 work, is a mandatory life in prison offense.

Please submit any tips or information to Evan's mother - Lucy Carpenter - on our recorded voicemail at +1 571.327.0585, or to US FBI, or Interpol in Paris or Washington DC, or to the US Consular Office or Embassy if you are outside the US.