Energy and Nuclear Innovation

We work with all US and Canadian Nuclear Energy Labs, and also develop our own innovation, to support US National Security and Warfighters worldwide. Our strong relationships with US and Canadian Energy and Nuclear Labs, with a special emphasis on ORNL (Oakridge National Laboratory) and Idaho National Laboratory, support clients in both sustainable energy and nuclear weapons or linear accelerator fields.

US Navy: Sustainable Jet Fuel

After September 11, 2001, the US Government made a conscious decision to limit reliance on mideast oil (the former OPEC energy cartel), and to discover or invent our own self-sustaining form of fuel. Bin Laden was of course, from Saudi Arabia, the leader of OPEC.

The DC Strategic Group was invited in 2010, to lead support the US Navy in developing an affordable, viable jet fuel that would yield the same power as commercial petroleum-based fuels. We already had led wind farm development in southern California and off-shore or high-rise turbine design.

WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction)

The US Department of Energy, Office of Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence, as well as Offices of Science and Technology, support protection of US national interests in limiting nuclear weapons proliferation and unauthorized development, storage or transport of nuclear fuels. Our portfolio includes support and often original design or EDA for all of these areas.