Responding to our Top Cyber Threat..

Customized Strategies Against Chinese Cyber

Heading toward 2020, China has now emerged as the officially recognized top cyber security threat for the United States. Beating China means staying ahead of one of the world's fastest-growing economies. Here are our top suggestions:

Rule #1:
PRC Check

US Federal Clearance rules forbid current or former PRC Chinese citizens from involvement in any cleared, US Government work.

Rule #2:
H-1 Check

Even Chinese citizens with 'legal' H-1b visas are prohibited from certain sensitive work: Tax, Accounting, and IT work putting them in contact with US citizen or US government data.

Rule #3:
Banned Devices

Ban and monitor foreign contractor use of banned Chinese devices on lunch breaks or even during personal time at home. If in doubt, ask the FBI or US Defense Department.

Rule #4: Sourcing

Be sure to check your own vendors or downstream suppliers for hidden Chinese cyber violations in the form of Chinese-made computing, electronic or mobile phone components.

Check your ISP Networks!

Industry-standard sofware such as Tenable or Wnet are easy, affordable ways for IT teams or individual contractors to monitor their home and (unclassified) work lines daily for possible Chinese contamination. Here's what this might look like, on a very simple network scan:

Have you checked out your hardware suppliers lately? None of us want to sell a Beijing listening device to an FAA control tower or a US Navy Surface Warfare Lab, do we?


Common wholesale marketplace / federal government suppliers such as CDW, SuperMicro, and even Dell or HP commonly use chips, motherboards and secure servers manufactured in China. That is no longer allowed for US government contracts. And as of early 2018, the US Defense Department officially banned all Apple products from personal or government contract use, due to Apple's extensive use of Chinese manufacturing facilities.

US Bans Chinese Components

US-DOD Restrictions, China
December 2018

Huawei and ZTE Phones Banned by US

Chinese Mobile Phone Bans
December 2018