Social Communications and Counter-Terrorism

Our company is amongst the first to pioneer deep web and aggressive social media search for counter-terrorism and drug interdiction, including successful use against: the FARC in Colombia, terrorist and gang attacks in France and Spain, and border issues.

Even with ISIS (Daesh) largely eradicated - just small splinter groups or individuals remaining, scattered here and there - the roots of global terror and extremism remain. In addition, the West must begin to re-define and re-visualize what constitutes "terrorism." We must move away from a Muslim-centric intelligence and mental model, to include new and growing threats from hispanic immigrants and gangs, such as MS-13; and from data and network and military terror models constructed by China, North Korea, or other rogue states like Iran.


Other Intelligence Services

WMD and Nuclear Threat

Since the first discovery of Pyong Yang nuclear capabilities in 2001 - when George Tenent led the CIA - our founder has provided global thought leadership and analysis, as well as criticial new engineering and White Hat (cyber) design supporting US monitoring and response to North Korea, China, and other rogue nations violating global nuclear and WMD treaties.


For clients ranging from US or OTAN intelligence agencies to global child predator and child rescue organizations, our work supports DHS, DOD, and law enforcement through social media analytics, offender profiling, AML, FATCA, and US Treasury work.

Satellite  and Air Defense

We provide training, software, leadership and architecture development  for complex Warfighter or other global systems. Our typical focus areas include aerospace and defense, US Army Corps of Engineers (small projects), computing and data, cyber and ISR / remote control, and air / missile defense.