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The DC Strategic Group provides best-in-breed technology and strategy innovation and insight to our nation's most discriminating clients. Helping them remain vigilent, prepared, and resilient.


If you can dream it, you can build it.

Walt Disney

Expertise and Past Performance


Training, Chinese Cyber, intelligence.



Integrated services (HQ) and weapons systems.

Banking and Finance

FISMA, cloud migration, fraud and risk.


Flight and Air Safety

Customize your timeframes to suit your organization. Show quarters, months, sprints — or no dates at all.

US Department of the Interior

Terrain mapping, volcanos. Historical preservation, National Park Service.

Executive Office of the President

Intelligence and Executive policy.

US Intelligence Community

Intelligence. Innovation. Robotics and AI.

US Department of Energy

R&D leadership. Intelligence. WMD.

DC Homeland Security

Joint Operations and Fusion Center: strategy and IT planning and services support.

What we offer:

We are a US Federal Government WOSB / 8(a) contractor specializing in technology and strategy innovation and C-Suite performance.


Missile Defense

Satellite & Space

IC and Defense

Enterprise Web





Manage the Details, See the Big Picture

We help teams stay on task with full-scope Big Picture thinking by ensuring they have the right technical, EA, or DODAF models at their fingertips; the right layers of architecture and environmental views to understand how their piece of the puzzle informs and is informed by other systems or relationships.