About DC Strategic Group

 Sergey and Larry  wrote in their original founders letter 11 years ago, “Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.”  

We might be more non-conventional than Google. You can't innovate or do any good work, in an atmosphere of timidity.

Be the Change you want to see in the World

Strategic Leveraging of Market Verticals and Emerging Innovation

The child above is wearing a special headset to screen out loud noises so that autistic children are not overwhelmed. Much of the same work and innovation developed to support mission-critical efforts in National Defense, Homeland Security, or Intelligence also have applicability to arenas like health care or children's issues. The key is understanding the commonality in 'need' and 'business drivers' and reaching out to select the transferable skills and solutions from adjacent arenas.


Tech to Market

Strategic Leveraging of Emerging Government Innovation

"Technology transfer' (T2M) is how civilian or commercial markets receive much of their best innovation: it is transferred to them from the National Defense sector that initially develops it. Internet, microwave, GPS, and a 'zillion' other technologies all began with US military or space funding and research.

Like Executive Strategy, T2M is one of our key service arenas.


Where We Work: Key Market Verticals



Technology Innovation

Our R&D leadership includes flagship early development and executive negotiations for the US Navy's first jet fleet biofuel. Roll-out 2017-2018, US Pacific Fleet. Other work with Hickham AFB and SHAPE has focused on early warning and Air Defense enhancements.



Cyber Defense and National Security

Since its founding after September 11, 2001, with our drafting of America's first Container and Port Security guidelines, we have supported USDHS and its components with innovation, cyber, Agile and leadership.



C-Suite Strategy and Services

Our best clients are never publicized and highly confidential. We do have permission to cite one - Saudi Aramco - for whom we provided pre-IPO, Executive MOU and financial review.

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Give us your problem or goal, and we will design or develop supporting strategy or solution. Technology. Cyber. Defense. Finance.