Best-in-Breed Technology, Defense, and Strategy Innovation

The DC Strategic Group provides best-in-breed technology and strategy innovation and insight to our nation's most discriminating clients. Helping them remain vigilent, prepared, and resilient.

As a US Federal Government WOSB small business contractor, the DC Strategic Group designs, leads, and delivers intelligence, space, defense, and aviation-related solutions to customers around the world. Our primary focus includes: technology innovation, missile and air defense, sustainable energy, and STEM (science and emerging technology) solutions for government and commercial use.  We also source or provide related  missile products, subsystems and defense electronics; precision weapons, satellite and associated space services and advisory, including intelligence vulnerability analysis.  

Finance and Strategy

Because financial performance and economic stability are so closely tied to US Defense mission and service, we also provide custom solutions and advisory to US government agencies, Fortune 100, and small business clients in growth, global markets, risk, and C-Suite strategy. Our portfolio includes DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service), the US Departments of Treasury and Commerce, VISA, Mars Inc., and Morgan Stanley.

Executive Strategy: Technology Innovation and National Defense

Lucy Carpenter, DSG Managing Partner, briefs US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on satellite and space topics

Our C-Suite level advisory includes US Cabinet and senior agency leadership, as well as global commercial corporations.

Our flagship innovation for over two years remains our PRE-LAUNCH remote missile and air defense framework. This unique design does not rely on interceptors.