Solving the big problems


North Korean primary targets inside the US

Since 2001 DSG has provided technology and intelligence response, as well a policy analysis and support, to US Executive Branch offices and the US Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. On the topic of WMD - weapon of mass destruction - this support has included:
Air Defense development, innovation, and executive strategy for US and Israeli missile and air defense systems;
Pre-Launch Missile Defense and related ISR innovation and software or engineering support, 2016 - 2017;
and Chemical Weapons disposal R&D leadership, through ORNL-USDOE and the University of Missouri.

This past weekend, 14 January, saw a horrible scare impact everyone in Hawaii: somehow a 'false alarm' was issued for a nuclear attack. Fortunately this time was a false alarm. But living so near to a very violent and unpredicable North Korea does not make Hawaii, or any country within North Korea's reach, a very safe place to be just now. And it will only get worse in future. If we remember our military history, Hitler also, made public offers of peace, just before he attacked..

This is why DSG has worked since 2016 to support our National and NATO Defense agencies with better missile response in the guise of a robust PRE-LAUNCH pre-emptive response. Not a "pre-emptive" strike, guaranteed to trigger heavy casulaties on all sides of the globe, but a pre-emptive ability to STOP MISSILES FROM LAUNCH.

Our History and Special Mission


Our founder, Lucy Carpenter, supported the formation of US Homeland Security under PA Governor Tom Ridge with draft requirements and intelligence analysis for its first Container and Port Security guidelines. And she was also recognized by the US Oval Office for her September 11, 2001 counter-terroism efforts.

This strong foundational knowledge of the 'business drivers' of US Homeland Security, Air and Flight Safety, makes DSG even better at supporting IT and technology mission and modernization for this critical federal agency.

We provide cyber security, cyber architecture, IT leadership and cloud / agile migration expertise for TSA and other US mission-critical IT teams and divisions.