Drone and UAV Guidance Systems

The development of UAVs was a key part of the US and Nato's unified Defense strategy, starting in roughly 2005. Initially, drones or UAV were built only for intelligence surveillance missions. But with the emergence of ISIL our UAV fleet have been transformed into AI-driven, remote bombers and missile intercept.

The advent of hypersonic is such a dangerous game-chnanger by China, we should block China from any trade and ANY H-1B visa, ANY scholarship, and not allow ANY Chinese to work in any sensitive US facility (banking or defense) .. unless / until it puts back that tool. It will be much more critical to disarm and neutralize China as a global risk, than it ever was to deal with North Korea.

Our UAV Portfolio: Raptor, Global Hawk, Predator

We provide specialized consulting in UAV electronic systems for guidance, targeting, and hybrid navigational systems.  Because unmanned jets or drones operate very much like unmanned nuclear missiles or rockets. recent innovation in signal split, arming sequences, and boost / navigational / trajectory calculations or algorithms developed for missiles or missile defence may also apply to UAV or hypersonic craft.

Why cyber and trajectory calculations are critical for hypersonic UAV

The above illustration shows a recent threat - multiple warheads from a single (Russian) rocket. UAV cannot leave the atmosphere and so are constrained to intervening with incoming missiles at either the boost stage (ideal) or when they return back to our atmosphere. By then, 1 enemy target has multiplied to 12 - 15 enemy targets. More importantly, the newest Chinese hypersonic (6 x speed of sound) missiles are capable of changing trajectory multiple times in a single flight. An extremely dangerous game-changer for American defense.