• Dodaf and IT Architectures


    DSG provides leadership, advanced software and solution development across an array of US military and buiness enterprise arenas.

    We develop and support all levels of IT architecture (Enterprise, Cyber, Solution, Technical), and we provide solution and software innovation in Defense, Energy, Intelligence and Finance.

    Agile and Quality

    In late 2016, in a spectacular but very good "lessons learned" disaster, a European Space Agency Mars lander crashed suddenly, because it was 'dis-oriented." The lander thought it had just landed, so it cast off its parachute, but it actually had 2 more miles to go. It crashed rapidly to the surface and was destroyed. This time, there were no humans aboard.

    The problem, we and others have proposed, was not just a temporary "sensor" failure but an underlyng IT fail-safe failure. The device measuring centrigugal force malfunctioned and fed faulty data into the lander's navigational system, generating a negative (-) altitude reading. This same type of functionality is also utilized in some missile guidance computing sytems, interacting with stabalizers that steady the outer-missile shell just before boost phase.

    Formalized quality control, such as a strict DevOps and QI framework, should have caught that there were no back-up calculations to confirm (real-time) critical command decisions during the landing phase, as more sophisticated fighter jets utilize; and no pre-programmed safety routines, like a back-up chute, to 'correct" a faulty landing decision.

    We provide DevOps, QC, agile, requirements, FRD and other IT leadership and control frameworks for high-complexity aerospace, space, missile defense and defense arenas.

    ISR and IT Innovation


    DSG provides best-in-class, industry leadership and solution development for advanced, technology-led defense, aerospace energy, and security solutions.

    In 2018 we remain the world leader in PRE-LAUNCH missile defense innovation, with favorable informal review from US Army Special Forces Commanders, and Australian and German counter-part defense contractors. We are now moving into the Hypersonic missile defense arena, which will re-use much of the same technology approach.

    Our guidance and ISR software development, advisory, and innovation leadership includes UAV product line support for Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and General Atomics product line support; and direct prime support for various US federal initiatives, including Spawar, Stratcom, and Navsys.





DoDAF V2.0 incorporates three levels of abstraction that correlate to the different levels associated with most data models developed in support of US military operations or business drivers: Conceptual. Logical. Physical.

In an ideal world, these three layers of IT architecture are then mapped to other critical views: Enterprise Architecture, Cloud, Cyber,
etc. We provide not only IT Architecture development and leadership, but also the underlying IT Artifact development and support for government and commercial customers. We manage routinely architecture and solution development of life-impacting, high-complexity, high-difficulty nature.