SOFTWARE and cloud modernization


We offer software and engineering design, development, and leadership for government and business teams worldwide in mission-critical arenas including National Defense, Energy and Fuel, Banking, Space and Satellite, and Missile Defense.  Our work varies from infrastructure and hardware engineering - innovation in fields including microwave, laser, and frequency manipulation - to pure software development and cyber security.

Our leadership appointments include key Architecture, Cyber Security, and cloud migration contracts for US Homeland Security / TSA; US Treasury Department / IRS Information Security and Audit; US Defense Department / milCloud and Oracle - OAS systems modernization; and private sector client migration including new data center or cloud migration leadership for Capitol One, Morgan Stanley, and other world leaders in finance and trade.

DSG has a 100% IT project success rate, and without exception, every project managed has been finished early, under budget, and/or with other significant client value added. We do not run up client time - government or private sector - to increase our billing, and if more affordable options are available or we are able to avoid Contract Modifications, we advise the client of this. Our teaming partners include Deloitte, Booz Allen, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin.

 Leading Innovation for White Hat, Cyber Security, and Remote Control

Across all technical arenas, our focus is typically INNOVATION. Our "firsts" include US Navy Jet Fuel, NASA space debris recovery prediction, product development improvements for the International Space Station, aviation and air dynamics product design, electron microscopy product innovation, and in the software realm, Big Data and AI-Analytics innovation for Counter-Terrorism prediction and analysis.

Our White Hat capabilities include project planning and design for tactical penetration and asset attainment.



Most of us by now are familiar with the wonderful US / Israeli operation called "OLYMPIC GAMES" or Stuxnet. It was an amazing new paradigm shift that raised the bar on White Hat cyber campaigns, developing a new tool that operated much like a cancer or trade algorithm: it was a virus released into the wild that would harm only enemy cells (nuclear plants), and leave friendly (Western) power sources alone. Once activated it would engage power plant cells in much the same way cancer, once activated in a human, replicates and destroys. The concept of bio-based White Hat or bio-based AI looks at what works for defense and destruction in living organisms and applies the same principles to cyber and virtual worlds.

An NSA-led penetration of Iranian nuclear power plants with a very clever hunt-and-seek virus that was programmed in C to search out and find a specific hardware component only used in Iranian nuclear plants. The virus would then do a couple of things at once: it would cause the plants to become unstable and overheat; and at the same time, it would control sensor signals so that engineers monitoring operations would be fooled into thinking the nuclear plants were performing as normal. A truly brilliant feat. For the West.

North Korea used similiar cyber programming to defeat and shut down South Korean power plants, and a few years later - this summer - North Korea released Wanna Cry and other ransomware to shut down entire health care systems in England and elsewhere. We believe strongly in the appropriate use of tactical cyber - against enemy nation states and terrorist groups, not competitors or fellow citizens - and provide planning and design for tactical campaigns on request.

Cloud Migration and Technical Architectures

We provide strong leadership, pricing, cyber security and EA (Enterprise Architecture) to Solution Architecture development for public and private sector clients. DODAF and FedRAMP are our primary focus areas, with the majority of our enterprise work involving Amazon AWS cloud development - the cloud of choice for US Federal systems. Call us for additional information or to request a specialized solution quote.