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Space  ι SATNET

For almost 17 years, DSG has supported commercial satellite mission assurance, software and IT development for clients including world-renowned Intelsat (Tysons Corner, VA). DSG capabilities include software and agile development, cyber security, frequency modulation and R&D, and specialized guidance and ISR.

We also provide specialized cyber and security roadmaps for enhanced mission assurance for UAV and missile defense systems.

December 2017

In late 2017 we hand-delivered to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, an overview of identified vulnerabilities in US space and satellite networks - including current and planned GPS capabilities - that allowed exploitation by North Korea and other enemies against the US and OTAN nations.

International Space Station


DSG provides suppy chain, DLA, engineering analysis and design, and program management for NASA and ISS vendors. Products we have supported include the popular Space Tape, still in use and an indispensible part of any ISS mission - a NASA prime vendor from the Tahoe region of California. Our support included inventory assembly and manufacturing process re-design.

Other work has included product proto-type and engineering re-design for USAF jet engine safety tests, rocket launch and mission support services for Kennedy Space Center, and NASA JPL IT and security audit, California.

We provide specialized support in missile and air defense innovation, with a focus on electronic components and security, guidance, and launch mechanics. Our portfolio includes strategy and software development for Israeli and US air defense systems, and agile and requirements review for Global Hawk (Northrop Grumman) and some versions of Predator (General Atomics).

In 2016 DSG began work on a proprietary Pre-Launch or "In Silo" missile defense framework, in cooperation with colleagues in Australia and Germany. As of 2018 we remain the world leader in Pre-Launch missile or UAV defense capabilities.

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