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Cloud Computing

We develop Solution and Cloud architectures and APIs for military and commercial clients. Our primary category is Amazon AWS, for US Federal agencies; but we also support MS Azure, Google, Dell and other private clouds.


The average FedRAMP certification (C&A) process can take an untrained vendor anywhere from 6 to 18 months to complete. We support GovCon, agencies, and commercial banking and trading clients with fast, reliable, informed knowledge and strategy development to bring your cloud migration, program, or department into full cyber compliance.

Mission Assurance

We offer a full range of mission-oriented IT services for government agencies, ranging from the formalized frameworks of Cloud Foundry and DevOps; to IT audit (autonomous mission control and space operations); to software and technology / infrastructure innovation.

M2M + Advanced Analytics

No two snowflakes are alike; neither are the best algorithms. We can copy Stuxnet, the NSA-engineered virus that shut down Iranian power plants, but we can never re-use the same tool. We offer AI- and heuristic-based analytics, White Hat strategy and research, and anything else you might like in this area.

Counter-Terrorism & Intelligence

From pioneering social media OSINT and analytics for European intelligence and police agencies; to Fusion Center and US Homeland Security operations and multi-year strategic planning, we provide intelligence analysis, intelligence and battlefield training, and the underlying vision and support activities to ensure mission attainment.

C-Suite Services

Whether your goal is to grow market share, improve financial performance and investor satisfaction, IPO or audit readiness; we help executives and teams across an array of industries prepare, plan, and succeed.

Innovative Technology and Strategy

Most executives understand that there are almost always multiple means to the same end in any technology or IT environment. The challenge lies in understanding what is within one's reach, and what is outside of realistic reach at this moment. We like to think we help clients make the impossible possible, through engineering, innovation, fresh strategy, and simple creativity.