Leveraging emerging research to create Break-Through technologies for Defense and National Security


Academia is an integral part of our global innovation ecosystem(s), and we match local university partners - Georgetown, Stanford, MIT, FIU - with prospective Defense agencies or innovation partners such as i-Arpa or DARPA for funding and proto-type development.

Industry and BioMed

Traditional defense contractors, corporations and startups - or biomed research facilities such as Genentech, Noblis, or the Howard Huges Medical Institute - are the second piece of any global innovation framework. Let us introduce you to either side of this equation.

For BioMed we also offer SEC and tax filing services and guidance.

Small Business

Most US Federal agencies and the innovation think tanks like InQTel and DARPA offer Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs for businesses under $8M annual. We offer Unsolicited, FastTrack and other program or funding application support.

US Energy Labs

We offer strong relationship with US and Canadian Energy and Nuclear Labs, with a special emphasis on ORNL (Oakridge National Laboratory) and Idaho National Laboratory.  The US Department of Energy is one of the world's strongest innovation buyers and producers, across a range of functional verticals. FIU maintains a Washington DC office also. 

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Florida International University

DSG recently affiliated with Florida International University in Miami, for purposes of expanding revenue and partnership channels for its Innovation & Research Division. Other university partnerships include Stanford, MIT Lincoln Lab, Harvard University Innovation Lab, and Georgetown University.

Florida International University