Remote Technology and Strategy Support

DSG offers strong foundational knowledge and innovation expertise in aerospace, drone, space, and US military software, command and control (ISR), global and DARPA communications frameworks, and related battle and defensive mission support.  If you do not see a specialization or capablity listed below, please contact us. We likely have done work in that field, or can provide teaming partners to support whatever need you may have.

Technology Innovation

Sometimes innovation cannot be published in detail. DSG has articulated since late 2016, sometimes teaming with US Army SOCOM commanders or other GovCon, through secure channels, policy and technology innovation to support tragic, dire need in: Mosul, emergency scenario response, and In-Silo Missile response.

Our founder was one of the original US Intelligence to discover and flag the significance of Pyong Yang missile development capabilities years ago. And we have advocated strongly against any leniency in nuclear or trade agreements with Iran, Pakistan, Egypt and other gulf nations supporting terrorism.

'10 Days in October'

Our founder has a mild family connection to the Kennedy's, and her father was one of the original strategists supporting President John Kennedy during the Cuban Missile crisis. President Kennedy, like Bobby, was a brilliant strategist, and the October crisis (eons ago), we were in a 'cold war" with Russia and emerging nuclear capabilities were discovered in Cuba, then a Russian ally. A similar scenario to North Korea. Kennedy's response was to blockade Cuba to force it to surrender weapons, and it worked.

Cuba however, is an island. North Korea, Iran, and other nuclear threat arenas are not. But, there are (humane) means other than "physical blockade' to warn, or frighten, an enemy into compliance and disarmament. DSG began advocating specific innovation and actions in this subject field - related to North Korea and Daesh (ISIS) in late 2016.