Missile Defense: Innovation

and Intelligence Support.


Improving performance and response

In multi-threat, missile defense scenarios.  
 Earlier detection, launch impediment, and better full-spectrum control.

Capabilities and Innovation for Missile Guidance & Control

Autonomous Guidance

Autonomous Jet and UAV guidance systems support and software development, for missile and target intercept.

Infared Tracking

SATNET, NAVSEA, SPAWAR, NORTHCOM. North Korea, Ru, China, Asia-Pac. Various best-in-breed tracking mechanisms.


Alternative remote response intended to supplement THAAD and not-yet-operational MEADS for fast-moving short-range threat.

In-Silo (Pre-Launch)

DSG since 2016 has led the world in Pre-Launch Missile Defense technology and engineering design. A coordinated approach. 

The Missile Defense spectrum begins before launch, with launch preparation detection, and continues through Launch, Boost, Re-Entry and Detonation (either before or at target). Our capabilities include  software development, support and innovation leadership. Our endorsements include:


Additional information and Cap Statement Is available for Government buyers on request.

We are are very excited at our progress in proto-type over the past year. As of Fall 2017, we remain years ahead of any other Defense or Technology contractor, in Pre-Launch and other remote short-range and UAV response engineering. MEADS, begun in 2012, is not due to be completed until 2020. At  cost of over $10B. But it still will not be 100% protection.  Current post-launch defense has an approximate margin of errorof 3.27%. We calculate a target intercept margin of error of about one football field. Iron Dome has reported a10% failure rate. North Korea is now arming  missiles with chemical + nuclear warheads, and it is expected Iran will be similar, given its history of CW. Each warhead may be capable of killing 3M - 5M, depending on  population density of a target.

Traditional MDA is also not yet capable of meeting terror  threat or hijack.
As of now every country is equal in missile defense inadequacies.
We believe we (DSG) are at least two years ahead of the next best technology for addressing MDA gap.




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