Pre-Launch Missile Defense

Can you imagine a world not being led and protected by America? We can't either.

That's why we introduced only to this nation, a new type of missile and air defense that no other country in the world has yet. There are no FBO announcements or SOWs for our enemies to copy. And the US military command officers giving it a thumbs-up, do not use email or phone.

We can't tell you how it works, but we can tell you how it is different..



No Weather Impact

Thaad and other systems must be physically hauled into place, and set up with anticipation of attack and wind direction. Our founder, drawing on her father's nuclear weapons engineering expertise, began in late 2016 to design a system that would be foolproof, always on, and nothing at all like Thaad, Patriot, MEADS or any of our other systems.


No Outages

Israel thus far is the only nation to develop 24x7, Always On missile defense. But, this dome-like shield is only good for short-range, and could not withstand ICBM or nuclear blasts. US and European engineers always assumed that "Always On" coverage was impossible for our larger areas. They are wrong.


No Trajectory Weakness

We are now into a 'war of algorithms' with China and Russia, with the advent of hypersonic missiles which can quickly dive, evade, and change trajectories. This throws decades of missile defense logic into the garbage - which assumes unchangeable, high-altitude flight paths for incoming missiles. Unless our interceptors are made as smart and fast as their hypersonic. Patriot and other MDA systems are not built that way.

Most engineering innovation lends itself very well to a component-based, laboratory or virtual development and test, and missile defense fits this model easily. Even massive projects like space exploration and missile defense are easily designed and tested in small artificial environments, until final prototype release.

We provide EDA, satellite, and mission assurance technology design and program leadership.

Always on, always secure.

Innovating the real world, one paradigm shift at a time.