We love challenging the term "impossible." That's why we are nearing completion, after a year of hard work, on the world's first "pre-launch" missile defense framework.

As of september 2017 —  dsg is the world leader in pre-launch missile defense.

Why Our Missile Response Framework is Different

DSG began work in 2016 on a new approach to missile defense that would provide both strong protection for the US and allied territories; and limit civilian casualties and infrastructure damage. This is an approach we also advocated for use against Daesh / ISIS in the Mideast. Along with former and current US SOCOM (US Special Forces) commanders. Because while ISIS was monstrous and justified any response; the heavy bombing used to beat ISIS in the Mideast left the occupied territories in rubble. Bombing from both sides killed many civilians. Reducing Mideast population by as much as 50%.

A nuclear engagement would be even worse: each of today's largest nuclear warheads are capable of killing up to 3 million to 5 million people. Imagine wiping out Los Angeles with one bomb.

Weaknesses with Post-Launch Defense



Current Missile Defense is triggered AFTER a missile launch is detected, using early warning systems including the VERA satellite network, space and land-based sensors and monitoring systems. While tests have shown US MDA to be robust and virtually infallible, Western MDA is still untested against real missiles over densely populated areas, or against numerous live missiles fired at once. US and Russian approaches are similar in focus and mechanism. Most North Korean ICBM or nuclear missiles will utilize 1 or 2 "skips" or boosts; it is even possible they may use 3 skips. Each skip gives the missile additional momentum and speed - making it a much smaller and more difficult target to hit as it returns to earth, for MDA defenses.

Our framework is designed to initialize even before missiles are put into silos or placed in firing positions via mobile carriers. If the US and OTAN are successful in implementing such a framework, they will regain the advantage over any rogue nation like North Korea or Iran, and be better able to enforce global nuclear non-proliferation treaties. Here are the chief advantages of DSG's Pre-Launch missile response, vs traditional MDA:

  • Pre-launch intervention without the requirement for precise silo or missile locations.
  • Impact to ICBM and Nuclear Missile Launch and Guidance.
  • Pre-Boost, Pre-Launch Initiation. Adding a layer of earliest protection, to supplement MEADS (pending, 2020), THAD, ACT, and MDA.


DSG provides a variety of services and technology innovation to support our federal and commercial customers. Our capabilities include:


DSG is the world's leading authority and provider for Pre-Launch or In-Silo (a coin we termed in 2016) missile defense, and related ISR and command strategies.


We serve enterprise platforms in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and leading smaller cloud platforms.


DSG knows how tough it is to capture tough government contract awards. Yet with the correct technology evaluations, bid strategy and competitive pricing and market analysis, capture rates of 80%+ are quite achievable. In any market.