• Our Leadership

    Since 2001 we have focused on design and strategy innovation in Security and National Defense, and Global and C-Suite strategy.

    Our engineering design innovation  includes ISS (International Space Station), Nasa-JPL (Jet Propulsion Labs), NIST-Boulder, ORNL (Oakridge National Labs-US DOE), DARPA, Thermo-Fisher, USAF aviation safety, US DHS-CBP fleet and personnel safety, USPS vehicle fleet, and other innovation 'firsts."

    Our Values

    America was founded on a strong belief in God, valor, and doing what is "right." And a belief that people and universal moral law, matter more than any artificial made-made law; and that God gave us the reasoning ability to differentiate. Lastly, we believe we were created to be "stewards" of the earth, not cannibals or monsters.


    We believe in God, and do not tolerate blasphemy - using the Lord's name in vain - anywhere. No more than we would tolerate opiad use or a child being assaulted in front of us. We do not tolerate foul language or other abusive, intimidating, or sexist behavior. These are simple, basic core values of honor and integrity. 

    We do not tolerate pornography, medical marijuana, smoking, gaming - casino - crime syndicate involvement, or human trafficking.

    These are the same standards of "moral conduct" demanded under  US Universal Military Code. We do not want cowards or bullies or predators as colleagues, clients, or staff. We want leaders.

    Our ROI

    Although we are a privately held, WOSB (woman-owned small business) GovCon, investment in any of our core research or work areas offers two key advantages:

    1. New, Life-Impacting Innovation for critical arenas;
    2. Values-Driven Investing supporting key beliefs: elimination or reduction of nuclear weapons or WMD threat, green energy, and counter-terrorism.

    Some innovations, whatever the 'cost' to develop, are priceless. ROI is comprised not just of immediate monetary return, but of the knowledge one is supporting a stronger, safer future; or stopping a grievous injustice or harm.

    When the US Navy supported our choice of Sapphire Energy, San Diego, for its algae-based jet fuel, it made a conscious decision to spend more in the short-term to reap much more in the long-term: reduced carbon footprint, sustainability, and higher levels of oxygen output (algae exhales O2) to help replace earth's vanishing plant and tree life.

Current flagship innovation: Pre-Launch Missile Defense


DSG is the world leader in alternative remote ISR, satellite, and cyber design innovation to inhibit or block enemy missile launch. We support USN, Stratcom, DARPA, and other ongoing US Defense  and Intelligence acquisition and mission goals with IT, cyber security, ISR, and cloud advisory or services.

For more information on supporting our Pre-Launch Missile Response, please inquire for details.