CIA Collection and Analytics

Our support for CIA activities includes design and development participation with MIT Labs and IBM for advanced robotics, secure server and data storage, and advanced analytics for counter-terror and situational collection.

Master the Details, see the Big Picture

There's no doubt we need AI (Artificial Intelligence) to manage the complexity and scope of international data, transmissions, Warfighter and other situational analysis. We  leverage world-class partnerships, advanced analytics and AI, and design innovation to deliver best-in-breed solutions to US, Israeli, and OTAN government customers worldwide.

Satellite and Geoint

Our innovation includes improvements to  real-time analysis of North Korean military movements
, and innovation design for application of USGS and NOAH capabilities to penetrate top layers of earth, to discover tunelling and missile activity.

Our satellite and ISR vulnerability analysis, guidance and design work has been cited by US Cabinet Secretary levels in US funding and military decisionmaking.

Robotics and AI

From better robotic vision, to Intelligence Community secure data storage and cloud analytics, to better threat synthesis and military: civilian threat aggregation and elevation, we support data design, unstructured data collection, foreign collection, and channels of secure communication and retrieval inside the US.

We are strong supporters of robotics for law enforcement and Homeland use, and our training and design includes UK and US teams, as well as drone miniaturization and guidance.

Military and Humint

We provide training, software, and analysis support for US Warfighter mission and humint operations. We also source for and contribute to innovative humint or operational designs to enhance troop and/or border patrol fleet and personnel security.

Designs we have supported include: desert invisibility, impenetrable t-shirts, and improvements to tomahahawk or other smart weapon range and reach. In the CI arena, recent support includes seizure of Chinese short-range and anti-tank weapon blueprints, and disruption of European intelligence and recruiting channels.


Intelligence Software and Mission Integration

We support US military and other IC capabilities in surveillance and remote intelligence collection through software and systems integration, test, and data/systems engineering. Our ISR and UAV support includes innovation for navigational systems, satellite throughput, collection of adversary capabilities, and voice ISR command and control analysis and vulnerability analysis.

Voice Recognition and Secure Communications


Voice and frequency are long-standing intelligence tools for the US and our adversaries. After September 11, 2001, our founder was one of the first to elevate to the US Oval Office, the use of immitation voice prints to mimick Americans, and the danger that such capabilities would be used to infiltrate the White House and to fool the US Secret Service. Voice and frequency transmissions are so easily duplicated and manipulated that they pose risk not only for kidnap or terror attacks, but also for missile defense or satellite (bus) networks.