Since 2001, DSG has held a 100% accuracy record in terror event prediction and post-incident analysis and conclusion. Our suggested paradigm shifts have without exception been adopted by the US or EU Intelligence Communities (IC); and on occasion we have supported the US Executive Office with original policy analysis and support for improved domestic or border security.



Last month, students at a highschool in Parker, Florida did not get to go home. Because valuable tips were missed. All the previous year, tourists and families around Europe and the UK, did not get to go home. Because valuable data was not correctly assessed or matched or even considered.

This month, in Vienna Virginia (a suburb of Washington DC), an arab male claiming to be a Saudi diplomatic employee - showing several US and Saudi travel IDs with conflicting DOB and other personal information, and some of the IDs not matching standard format - was allowed to stay in his cash-purchased Virginia home ... while a young Indian mother and her baby were held back in India, and not allowed to accompany her husband back to work and apartment home, just a few miles away. India has no record of terrorist attack on the US. But almost every terrroist since 2015 and most since 2001, have had some level of Saudi (Riyadh) affiliation.

We support US and Nato intelligence and defense agencies and personnel with technology, training, and strategy in the following areas: 


OPSEC Training for GovCon and Agencies

Defense and Threat Analysis

Intelligence Innovation, AI, and Robotics

Air Defense, Targeting and Guidance


SHAPE, EU, DOD Support

ESRI, Geo- and Travel Mapping

Advanced Analytics

Police and Military Software and Training


Electronic Warfare Systems

Microwave, Frequency, and Telemetry


Innovation and Targeting