Intelligence and ISR

The mirror of Intelligence

Intelligence is not just knowing what our adversary is doing. Good "intelligence" is supposed to reflect our capabilities and weaknesses against those of our adversary. We strive to deliver only the most timely, relevant insights to inform our national leadership and enhance our IC capabilites.

Signet & Satellite

We support NRO, NGA, UAV and satellite collection and analysis. Our innovation includes recent partnership with Oracle, Digital Earth and NOAH to dramatically enhance real-time analysis of North Korean military movements.

OSINT and All-Source

Our software and search innovation has helped the Colombian government pressure terrorist group FARC into a peace treaty, and supported French and Spanish arrests in those nations.

Military Intel

We support military tactical and strategic capability analysis with thought leadership, insight and design for air defense, humint innovation, and CI in domestic and foreign theatres.

CI and Cyber

Since 2016, DSG has partnered with Israeli colleagues and US Defense agencies to deliver proactive insight into Chinese and other foreign cyber activities threatening US national security in US domestic arenas. India and Russia are the next two most common threats we have elevated.

Case Studies

AI-Driven Data Analytics

Our expertise in AI-driven analytics and collection dates back to data and database robotics work, in affiliation with IBM, for the Central Intelligence Agency.


USMC Counter-Intelligence

Recent work includes classified and unclassified support for US Warfighter mission, and offices at USMC and DSS, north Virginia.


Managing US Military Intelligence

US military and Humint intelligence is separated by law but not by function or impact, in our current world. Our challenge is to understand enough of the entire spectrum of intelligence needs and global threat, to be able to recognize relevance, significance and urgency of any individual, small act or actor.