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Intelligence Innovation, Analysis, and Support

We provide best-in-breed intelligence and OPSEC training, analysis, and technology support to national police and security units worldwide.

Our most recent software intelligence development was used in Spain, for counter-terrorism prediction and criminal apprehension, and has been piloted in Central America and in other regions against counter-insurgencies and terrorist networks. It represents one of the world's first attempts to harness global social media and internet access at the root level - the ip node traced to geographical mac-id address and 'circles of influence" - to identify and eliminate predators, terrorists, and lone wolves.

We also provide software, analysis, and training for US military HUMINT units, police intelligence agencies, and forensic data and big data users. Our teaming includes TLO / Trans Union (police intelligence); IDF/Israeli Defense Forces (terrorist cell communications) and Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (air defense, C-Suite privatization strategy); and British, US, and Canadian intelligence and counter-terrorist GovCon, including Cobham, Academi (formerly Blackwater) and other world leaders.




Air Defense + Security

For almost 20 years, we have led global intelligence arenas in technology and strategy innovation for Defense, Air, and Space. Our founder was recognized by the US White House and European Union for personal September 11, 2001 intelligence actions; and we have tried to maintain this momentum ever since. 

From SatNet, frequency modulation and remote control for missile and UAV response, to White Hat cyber and tactical frameworks, our unique air security and aviation innovation capabilities advance your capabilities.