Innovation and Prototype

Do you want to raise the bar, or re-create it?

We understand the importance of minimizing downtime in expensive scientific, biomed, or space and satellite / defense development. From self-paced acquisition, internal R&D support to "need-it-now” Priority Support for rush acquisition or emergency Warfighter needs, DC Strategic Group offers a complete range of design, test, prototype, and roll-out support to get any project or component out the door as quickly as is needed.

Because we are strong innovators ourselves, we understand the lab, test, and ideation process that supports any new, valuable, idea.


Our Innovation Services

Funding and Science-to-Defense

From Physical Design & Verification to Large-Scale Enterprise Design Synchronization - how new innovation fits into complex global or space architectures and systems - we support early conceptual analysis and design submission to all phases of EDA.

Funding and Science-to-Defense

From better robotic vision, to Intelligence Community secure data storage and cloud analytics, to better threat synthesis and military: civilian threat aggregation and elevation, we support data design, unstructured data collection, foreign collection, and channels of secure communication and retrieval inside the US.

Systems Engineering and Complex Architectures

We provide training, software, leadership and architecture development  for complex Warfighter or other global systems. Our typical focus areas include aerospace and defense, US Army Corps of Engineers (small projects), computing and data, cyber and ISR / remote control, and air / missile defense.