GPS Satellite Systems

The background of our current GPS satellite system - something even children are now accustomed to using - might surprise you. This satellite framework was invented roughly 40 years ago, as a US military guidance system for submarine warfare.



When GPS was initially invented the US segregated "military' channels from "civilian' channels. Under Democrat leadership however (President Bill Clinton), the military - civilian segregation was dropped and GPS was made freely available to anyone, worldwide. This was one of the most stupid and deadly things America could have done.

Because GPS is one of the FIRST elements required to launch, guide, and arm any enemy jet, uav, smart weapon, submarine, or missile. Letting anyone in the world use our GPS signals, is like firing every White House Secret Service guard and tearing down the iron gates and barricades protecting our President. Leaving our homes unlocked and our children home alone. It invites deadly harm. It is what allowed North Korea to develop its nuclear missile program; what let ISIL take over Mosul and other areas; and what has let China rapidly develop superiority in hypersonic forces to be used against us.

Our UAV Portfolio: Raptor, Global Hawk, Predator

We provide specialized consulting in UAV electronic systems for guidance, targeting, and hybrid navigational systems.  Because unmanned jets or drones operate very much like unmanned nuclear missiles or rockets. recent innovation in signal split, arming sequences, and boost / navigational / trajectory calculations or algorithms developed for missiles or missile defence may also apply to UAV or hypersonic craft.

Why cyber and trajectory calculations are critical for hypersonic UAV

The above illustration shows a recent threat - multiple warheads from a single (Russian) rocket. UAV cannot leave the atmosphere and so are constrained to intervening with incoming missiles at either the boost stage (ideal) or when they return back to our atmosphere. By then, 1 enemy target has multiplied to 12 - 15 enemy targets. More importantly, the newest Chinese hypersonic (6 x speed of sound) missiles are capable of changing trajectory multiple times in a single flight. An extremely dangerous game-changer for American defense.