Global Markets

There is a reason we were asked to review and advise on MOU for Saudi Aramco and other key players, before the world's largest IPO (2017-2018): Integrity. Vision. Insight. Our portfolio includes: the US Departments of Treasury, Defense / DFAS, and Commerce; Capitol One, VISA, and Morgan Stanley. We focus on global growth, internal risk and audit, compliance in government and defense markets, and financial cyber.

Our teams include locally-hired experts and senior intelligence and risk advisers, with extensive networks and deep experience of sourcing and executing transactions in their region. We offer a specialty in rapid risk assessment of Chinese, other Asian, Eastern European, and Central/Latin American markets, including Cuban expertise. For complex global dealings, we are able to offer Executive security escort or advisory.

Global Advisory

  • Cross Border Transaction and Security Advisory
  • Import-Export and Customs Advisory
  • M&A Friendly Target and Strategic Advisory
  • Product Line and Division Diversification and Evaluation
  • Restructuring and Equity Advisory
  • Joint ventures and Strategic Alliances