Finding Evan

There are over 400,000 children officially missing or kidnapped in America each year. For varying reasons. The most common is a father or other male either avoiding support payments, or trying to harm the child to harm the mother. Our founder's child, Evan Carpenter, was tragically kidnapped after a long trail of stalking and violence to his mom and family, following her White House September 11, 2001 attention.

Evan was in the middle of writing to 'all the scientists on earth' with a new theory on evolution. Had just started a letter to a former best friend that he missed very much:

"Dear Daniel,
Let me tell you about my life ..."

This little boy was brilliant. Had already endured the loss of his home - a new luxury pool home; found to be 'contaminated with 27 deadly substances' after his mom's White House attention in that area, ruled 'an act of terrorism' so that neither bank nor insurance would cover a thing. $300k in equity lost. And his forever-best-friends on this gated cul de sac where his mom thought they would live forever. He lost his Catholic school, in tropical paradise, where his mom could join him for morning prayer before work every day. And then when his mom moved him BACK to Virginia to be closer to CIA HQ and "safety,' he was kidnapped.


Space Coast + Phoenix

A map found near / at Evan's home had a destination circled in red. One of several 'warnings' that friends and neighbors in another part of the country had been told to say to the mother, not understanding why, they thought it was more Oval Office attention, 2 and 3 years before. Florida. Colorado. California. Evan was kidnapped from north Virginia.  The tips started in Space Coast.


If you have information..

Please leave a message for Evan's mother on our secure voicemail at +1 (571) 325-0585. Or contact your local FBI office, or the NCMEC/USDOJ, or if out of the US, please contact the local US embassy. Thank you.


'Have you seen my Real Radio Car?'

This was one of the earliest tips received, a little boy sounding very much like Evan - thin, pale, fair, English-looking like both biological parents - asking someone this. He was allegedly sitting in a 'library' in something like an ambassador's home, or simply a wealthy home.

Real Radio Car is almost out of business, but in 2004 - 2006 it served several local airports inside the UK and Scotland.

Did you know that under international law - and even US Federal law - it is illegal to stop looking for a missing or kidnapped person?
If any police officer tries to tell you that your child is "too old' to be looked for; report them to FBI or the USDOJ, who will then open a "color of law' suit against them. In many countries, such as the EU or the UK, there is a mandatory "coroner's inquest" (murder inquiry) after a child has been missing 10 years. The US does not have this law, and most parents - usually the mother - self-fund their child's ongoing search.