Energy and Fuel Innovation

We work with all US and Canadian Nuclear Energy Labs, and also develop our own innovation, to support US National Security and Warfighters worldwide.

US Energy Labs

We offer strong relationship with US and Canadian Energy and Nuclear Labs, with a special emphasis on ORNL (Oakridge National Laboratory) and Idaho National Laboratory.  The US Department of Energy is one of the world's strongest innovation buyers and producers, across a range of functional verticals. FIU maintains a Washington DC office also. 

US Navy Biofuel

The US Navy's current use of algae-based jet biofuel is one of several USDOE-related R&D programs that DSG has participated in since 2010. In those early years there were few producers for algae fuel, either jet or rocket. Now it is a very competitive field and the US Navy has recently expanded its scope to partner with Australia, for Pacific Fleet jet fuel.