Engineering, Design and Analysis

Invention + Innovation

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Success is not a funded program. It's instinct.


From stopping enemy missiles BEFORE they launch - not firing at them afterwards - to science experiments aboard the International Space Station, to algae-powered jet fuel or better classrooms for specially gifted children,  we help clients thrive and surpass the worst impediments.


Cloud, product, and other engineering innovation for worldwide arenas.


Cyber defense, missile defense, and AI-driven intelligence and threat analysis and services.


We help C-Suite leadership in government and business improve financial performance, operational efficiency, growth and reach.

Robotics, AI, and Big Data

For almost two decades, DC Strategic Group has delivered disruptive technology in AI, robotics, and data analytics design to support the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Geo-Spatial Agency, other civilian and US miltiary intelligence agencies.


Our "firsts" in data and robotics for US IC or military agencies include automated energy and traffic grids, counter-intelligence and AI-search development working with European intelligence, US CIA and JCIS (Joint Chiefs of Staff) colleagues. Anyone can develop a social or deep web search: the different in our approach is the 'intelligence-led, intuitive' training of the underlying AI systems.

Have you ever wondered how your plane's landing gear work?

Inadequate cyber defense and operational security in US satellite and air defense, as well as inadequate hypersonic response, were the top concerns of both the Pentagon and US Senator Mark Warner, Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, for 2019.  This is not the only 'trouble' area for US national security and cyber defense. We are amongst the first US GovCon to flag similar inadequacies in: vehicle bluetooth and engine control systems, jet landing gear, and of course, our national GPS satellite systems.

Robotics and AI

We lead design and innovation for government and aerospace clients worldwide.

Real-Time Security Innovation

We support US Federal clients such as DOD-DSS, USMC, USAR, FBI and USDOJ with Counter-Intelligence and Cyber / NOC strategy and analytics.