Engineering Design and Analysis (EDA)


Intelligence-Led Innovation for Mission-Critical Teams

Most things, short of creating new life, are possible within technology, with adequate resources. It's the trick of making the impossible happen without adequate resources - time, money, bandwidth, materials - where most innovation fails. But sometimes, we don't really need to achieve the 'impossible." Sometimes we just need to 'see' the situation differently or to redefine the problem.

When we start with basic SWOT-oriented analysis for problem or concept definition, we learn to view our impacted operating arena from a fuller perspective. This is the foundation for most AI and game theory, intelligence, and military operational analyses. But surprisingly few technology design teams use such "systems-based" thinking, despite its clear advantages.



Design Innovation

Design Innovation

Design Innovation:

Our innovation approach

We help mission-critical teams worldwide trouble-shoot, re-engineer, reverse-engineer, or introduce new thought leadership in everything from Health Care IT to National Defense to Aviation Mechanics.


We partner with our clients, government or commercial, to define vision and goals: "What would you really like to occur, if you could do anything?" Is the real goal a 'better' missile interceptor, or would we rather just simply stop missiles from launching, period?

Capture and Roadmap

Because we 'throw open the doors" on creativity and goal definition, we allow clients to re-define operational strategy, product lines, and even capabilities, without loss of focus. We ensure they hit the target with early, visionary paradigm shifts or product development.

Implement & Deliver

Whatever the stage or arena of IT development involved, we support clients from early conceptual design, through strategy and budget / monetization, into the first proto-type or solution implementation.