Health Care and Insurance Cyber

However advanced your cloud provider, the basics of cyber remain the same:

HIPAA Data Compliance

HIPPA - Health Care Information - data protection is federal law now. No longer can we be forced to provide identifying information on sign-in sheets, or even have our credit ratings list specifics pertaining to health care. We support commercial providers, US military and civilian agencies with software solutions and cyber strategies to ensure HIPPA compliance.


Our expertise includes program management of such enterprise cyber projects as the design and implementation of the Singapore Health Care marketplace, several years ago - cited by Harvard University and leading Western governments as a 'gold standard' for smaller government marketplaces. And IT cyber architecture advisory to Anthem Blue Cross of Maryland. Protecting patient records and data while ensuring affordable IT and business functionality is a challenge.

Our Specialized Expertise

Cyber and SOC Integration

Cyber Mapping of data point flows and critical path processes in and out of the cloud is a great tool to protect end-to-end national infrastructures. And the patients using them. The now-infamous Anthem / BCBS breach was caused by an unprotected systems interface between Anthem and one of its downstream small sub-contractors. Mapping and real-time cloud architecture visualization helps business and IT leaders see the entire chain of process and data usaage, for every patient, anywhere in the world.

Recently, we advised a national health care firm just given $11 BILLION to spend to correct similar cyber issues and initiate a real-time SOC for additional support. Here are a few of the tools we recommended:
  • Cyber Mapping
  • Cyber Architecture
  • ERM (Electronic Records Management)
  • Cyber and Business Plan Integration
  • HIPPA and Internal Audit
  • FISMA for Health Care
  • Strategy and Operations

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