The DC Strategic Group is one of the top-ranked Chinese cyber security experts worldwide. Our founder, Lucy Carpenter, provides expert commentary on cyber security, national defense, missile defense and related topics to global media leaders including the Financial Times, Bloomberg, and Washington institutions including the Pew Foundation and Brookings.

Customized Cyber and SOC Security Strategies

Does your service infrastructure include fully redundant, high-performance cloud security that is reliable, air-tight, and FedRAMP, NIST, or FISMA compliant? Here are the top 4 steps to cyber optimization at the cloud level:




SSL and Certificate Management

In any isp environment, this simple but over-looked feature can take down an empire. Don't let your teams let anything fail. Period. We provide training and evaluation for Big 4, government, and other mission-critical cyber teams in certificate and key evaluation and management.

Getting Down to Basics

However advanced your cloud provider, the basics of cyber remain the same:

Sensitive Data Management

The DC Strategic Group's founder, Lucy Carpenter is one of the earliest designers for the CIA's (IBM) robotic data retrieval and storage framework. As with any other system, poor release management provides hidden back doors for clever espionage artists. Tricks exploited against the CIA in China, and against Anthem BCBS in Maryland.

Insist on FCC Rules for ISP

Can you imagine being told at 3 pm on a Sunday, your ISP cyber team would not respond until 8 am Monday morning? That's just what happened recently, on a major Chinese Cyber breach in north Virginia, when the discovering team phoned Verizon. FCC rules require 24x7 cyber response, as well as protection and isolation of every customer account.

Our Specialized Expertise

Warfighter Communications

Secure Telecom and Satellite
  • Counter-Intelligence and Training
  • C5-ISR and Intelligence
  • Guidance and Targeting Systems
  • Air Defense and UAV
  • Satellite, Undersea, and Data