We have have one word to say about the rate of return for our business strategy consulting..


Executive Strategy and Finance


We don't employ a cast of thousands. We have partners for that: Deloitte, FTI, EY, and other brilliant teams. Our specialty is the top 2" of the organizational pyramid:


Global MOU, M&A, and Insolvency

Whether you want a buyer for a new jet, an Italian energy firm to partner with, or you'd like to shop your own company, we deliver timely, affordable and on-target results.


Financial Performance, Executive Strategy

Not the everyday, FP&A type of performance, although we do drill down to details. But the 30,000 ft divisional revenue, investor ROI, what needs to be done to turn things around view. Are all units pulling their fair share? Are you turning down exciting innovation in favor of easier contracts with limited life? How is your future looking? Are you in step with the global markets?


Government Markets: Risk, Capture, and Innovation ROI

We live and breath US Federal Government. Whether your goal is compliance or cyber certification attainment, business development for the $400M+ project market, or partnering with a university or smaller GovCon to leverage your liquidity against their innovation to really win big, and support common good in the world .. we can make it happen.