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Fighting Terror

The DC Strategic Group was founded in 2001 by a female and single mother, following her recognition  by  the US Oval Office and EU leadership for her September 11, 2001 intelligence work. She had been scheduled to fly to London to train and lecture UK intelligence agencies when things changed and the terroists boarded at Dulles International (IAD) in Virginia, and elsewhere.

We try to always keep in mind our founding motto of public service and public safety. Here are services and innovation we contribute, to fighting all forms of terror:

Our Services

Software innovation and advanced analytics

Intelligence analysis and services

Support for PERF (Police Executive Research Forum), and other internal review venues

Geo-Int innovation, terrorist IP node mapping

Support for USMC, NGIC, and other DOD commands: intelligence, training, and analysis

Support for US Homeland Security Office of Chief Counsel (2016-2017): US Patriot Act, deep web and social media search parameters and toolsets

Forensic audit and cyber: finance, OPSEC, and AML


DSG innovation and concept development for counter-terrorism enforcement, arrest, and prediction has earned the endorsement of such entities as:

  • CNI, Spanish National Intelligence
  • the American District Attorney's Association
  • the Colombian National Government (FARC prosecution and identification)
  • USMC Manpower HQ, Quantico, and other US government and public service entities.
Other DSG innovation or service includes linguistic analysis (heuristic and AI) for online pofiling and terrorist and/or violent event prediction; AML and ID verification and analysis for US federal law enforcement and US Treasury and State Department agencies; and support for the US Executive Branch in Executive Order and US Homeland Security policy mandates to support safer airports, air travel, and general public well being.


DSG has maintained a 100% accuracy record in pre- and post-event warnings and analysis since 2001.
Recent terror events DSG provided support for include:

London Bridge

London Bridge. June 3,  2017

  • PRE-EVENT ALERT: DSG flagged an attack warning specifically referencing the London Bridge, June 1. UK & US individuals. (Very similar to warnings, in French, in Washington DC, 8 days before the Fall 2015 Paris / Brussels attacks.
  • Post-event field interviews. Financial analysis looking at linkage: London-Riyadh-US. General intelligence support.
  • Comparative analysis of pre-event warnings: London Bridge, Paris 2015, other events. Linkage to Sept. 11 and US financial support.
  • Flagging to a US federal intelligence agency and US military / Nellis AFB of the strong liklihood of future risk and/or major event out of Las Vegas. Linkage of London Bridge / pre-event warning with Las Vegas and Mid-Atlantic  casino networks.

Barcelona & Cambrills, Spain. August 17,  2017


Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Oct. 2, 2017 (EST)