counter-terrorism and US Homeland Security

  • Immigration and CBP

    Our intelligence capabilities include real-time intelligence, and future-focused intelligence innovation in technology and strategy. Our real-time analysis and support is real-world, and we have a 100% record in accurate and specific event prediction and post-event network identification since 2001.

    DSG has consistently supported strong borders and public safety with proven intelligence identification of MS-13, ISIL, and Taliban networks or activities inside the US. And with consistent insight to guide US leadership and policy makers.

    We support CBP and vendors serving them with both IT and Cloud leadership, and with humint/field innovation for better vehicle and personnel safety, and fleet monitoring.

    Our US Captiol-area support includes multi-year IT and Strategic Planning for the Washington DC-US Homeland Security Fusion Center, working with ANSER.

    Global Terrorism

    The night of the London Bridge attacks, DSG was about two hours away on another assignment. On hearing the news broadcast we drove to a location we knew to be significant, and were able to speak with family members of another dead, confirmed terrorist, to support London and and UK police. Because despite what media portray, muslim-driven terror networks all share the same roots. And will re-use the same locations and tactics.

    Weeks later, we began to be contacted by Arab individuals in various locations, who wanted to share or ask us to pass on, cell phone and other data from the Bridge scene, including messages from one of the terrorists killed by London police.

    Counter-terrorism requires not just very good IT and analysis, but also intuitive understanding and real-world experience.

    S.1872 - TSA Modernization Act


    Our founder, Lucy Carpenter, supported the formation of US Homeland Security under PA Governor Tom Ridge with draft requirements and intelligence analysis for its first Container and Port Security guidelines. And she was also recognized by the US Oval Office for her September 11, 2001 counter-terroism efforts.

    This strong foundational knowledge of the 'business drivers' of US Homeland Security, Air and Flight Safety, makes DSG even better at supporting IT and technology mission and modernization for this critical federal agency.

    We provide cyber security, cyber architecture, IT leadership and cloud / agile migration expertise for TSA and other US mission-critical IT teams and divisions.


Big Data and IT Innovation for Counter-Terroism


Since the kidnap and disappearance of our owner's child from near a CIA facility in Virginia several Christmases ago, DSG has made better social media osint and real-time analytics a priority.

In 2017 we rolled out test proto-type with EU national intelligence and police agencies, of an intelligence-focused social media analytics suite.