Intelligence, Process, and AI Innovation

Terrorists, unbelievably, have the uncanny ability to harness technology almost as rapidly as Western national defense and militry teams can. They are swift to utilize the latest social media or online gaming platforms, are almost impossible to shut off from global communications, and are even able - as ISIL proved in Mosul - to tap into US military satellite networks.

Almost Two Decades of Credibility and Accuracy

We provide technology and strategy innovation, analysis and AI-driven assessments for federal teams in North America and within OTAN/NATO nations. Starting with our founder's recognition (Lucy Carpenter) for September 11, 2001 intelligence work by the US White House, Israel, the UK and EU leadership, the DC Strategic Group has prioritized early insight, accurate prediction and follow-up, and a legacy of trust and honor in counter-terrorism work worldwide. Foreign as well as US experts or senior leadership know we are reliable, confidential, and intelligence-led in our discovery and out-of-box results delivery.



It's not enough to just be good at AI or prediction or GEOINT; it's critical to maintain creative, intuition-focused and seasoned intelligence-led thinking amongst teams and managers so that key details or relationships are not missed. And it is just as key that all ethnic groups or potential sources in other nations know who they can call, with courteous and friendly response, when they wish to support American or Western efforts or safety.

Open Door Policy

Several times since 2015, foreign sources, particularly those potentially affiliated with MidEast or EU terror networks, have contacted us privately to offer support, or to provide concrete evidence or prediction. Such unsolicited communication flow arises from global industry reputation for being knowledgeable and expert in terrorist response or intelligence. We work closely with US, EU, UK and even OAS national leadership and law enforcement for: event analysis, prediction, field meetings with alleged or dead terrorist family members, or whatever the need may be. An "intelligence' viewpoint is not derived from a printed SOW or acquisition, but only from years of exposure and real work.


Situational Analysis and Secret Service


Our trainers have taught battlefield, FBI, USMC-Quantico, US DOS, and US DHS  mission critical teams across an array of intelligence methodology, cyber defense, and situational analysis. From 2002 to current, our founder has supported key situational analysis, including Mar-Alego and Miami Secret Service and USAF OSI/ Air Force One situational analysis, for 3 Oval Offices.



Terror event response or prediction we have supported include:

  • Paris-Brussels 2015
  • the Pulse
  • Mandalay Bay
  • London Bridge
  • Cambrills 2017

As Federal Defense and Intelligence innovators, we were one of the first GovCon to jump into the social and deep web search waters. Our earliest product in this arena - developed in collaboration with Spanish software and intelligence (CNI) partners, as well as former CIA and US Department of Defense officers - ws was picked up instantly by federal police in Colombia and Spain, and showed immediate results in rates of apprehension and successful prosecution.