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What the Khashoggi Murder should mean to Washington

Without going into detail that impedes justice, we do wish to flag this horrifying 'global' incident as a also being a horrifying 'local' Virginia - Washington DC tragedy. Because Khashoggi lived HERE, in Mclean, Virginia. Home to our national intelligence community. Just minutes away from a Saudi Military Attache aide / intelligence agent in Vienna, VA.

Anyone traveling in from Riyadh is an automatic "red flag' in any Western nation. Except here in Virginia. Fair is fair: Why did US Treasury 'drop' its investigation into a Riyadh male with false id, at the exact same time that the US was putting little Mexican children into camps without their parents? Was that Fairfax County or Virginia? Or the federal agencies HQ here? Whomever it was - what OTHER damage have they done? This is not a 'Mideast" story. This is a VIRGINIA story. Just as September 11, 2001 is a Virginia story. The failures that killed people far away and at home, started H E R E.

We can review 'lessons learned' but, as with the Pulse or Paris 2015 or 9-11, it's too late for the victims.


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