The capacity to be changed  in  size or scale: "Will our solution scale to filter all mobile phone data worldwide?"

We optimize mission-critical team performance in government, military, and commercial clouds.


No matter what your industry or market, your cloud technology needs are basically the same: Strong Cyber and Personnel Security (OPSEC); Fast and Reliable Data and Data Usage; Scaleability, and Affordability.

The cloud platform of choice for US Federal Government clients, and most of Asia.
A strong contender, especially for corporate lans already heavily vested in the Microsoft family.
A lightweight cloud platform heavily favored on the West Coast.

We provide offshore and US domestic / government cloud services and consulting:

Real-Time Architecture Views
We use the best tools available to make diagramming and design of large enterprise systems and architectures a breeze for clients.
FedRAMP for the Cloud
A secure government cloud environment starts with a strong FedRAMP framework..
UK Counter-Terrorism Data
JSaRC is a unit inside the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) within the UK Home Office.

“Your Cloud Security Platform should be designed to automatically scale, providing continuous visibility into user, workload and infrastructure behaviors through every stage of your cloud journey.”










Since 2001 DSG has supported better threat aggregation, data and intelligence sharing for IC and law enforcement worldwide.


DATA. DATA. DATA. Your Most Critical Cloud Requirement.

DSG specializes in data and technology strategies for Defense, Security, Intelligence, and C-Suite. All fields heavily dependent on fast data access and optimized AI-driven analytics. When lives or trading fortunes depend on split-second access, database construction and cloud choices are critical.

        We optimize cloud performance for government and business clients in all arenas:


And we offer easy transition into FedRAMP, NIST, or FISMA cloud - cyber certification. Whether you are doing it all yourself, or just cross-checking your cloud provider's work.