Cloud Migrations. Cloud Foundry. DevOps.

We provide program management, IT and Solution architecture development, and critical IT implementation road-mapping for enterprise cloud, to small business clouds. We specialize in Amazon AWS, the largest cloud vendor in Washington and the US Federal Government. But we also bring expertise in Microsoft Azure, for small business clouds, Google Cloud, Dell and HP clouds.


Don't let data over-whelm your performance capabilities..


One of the largest drains on cloud performance - most notably, speed and user scaleability - and the largest single cost contributor to any enterprise cloud pricing plan, is data usage. That's why we prefer Amazon AWS as our enterprise cloud of choice. Even when implementing extremely large, mega-volume trading platforms, with millions of data points created daily by individual traders, AWS holds up to performance, speed, and scaleability demands whilst preserving cost containment.


We help teams worldwide 1) Standardize Cloud Architectures; 2) Optimize Speed and Other Performance factors; and 3) Meet budget and ROI targets and avoid cloud cost-creep.   Most cloud projects will implement without any long-term vision for cost-containment or real-time cost or performance adjustment. Cost is almost entirely driven by data utilization (storage and data retrieval) and session length (application run-time). By using toolsets comprised of the best-in-breed tools such as  HAVA and ARGO,   we teach clients how to monitor cost and performance real-time as their development or implementation projects progress. HAVA and other real-time modeling tools also let clients - such as law enforcement, FBI, or Defense - project the additional cost and ROI for adding data or intelligence components, algorithm or other complexity.



DSG offers full end-to-end Cyber and POAM C&A compliance support and leadership, typically for US GovCon working in federal agency arenas, banking and investment clients. A particular challenge is the application of FedRAMP cyber rules that were developed for legacy enterprise systems before the full evolution of cloud environments; so special care must be taken in ensuring that USDOD cyber rules are met, whilst also navigating performance and pricing factors in complex cloud decisions. We specialize in Amazon AWS cloud migrations and architectures.