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Why chinese communications networks are a threat inside the us


China is both an ally and a threat to the US, for several decades.  After WWII, China and Russia together supported the formation of North Korea whilst the US supported South Korea. And North Korea clearly models itself - in terms of cruelty, oppression and hero worship of its leadership - after China. The two top CIA torture advisors - a program condemned by the US Senate, the United Nations, the International Red Cross, and the European Union - were Chinese.  Chinese parents until recently had to murder children the state did not want.  China sends its children here to learn, in US colleges and internships, then brings them back, builds missile and space programs to compete with America, and sells this same technology to our enemies and to terrorist states: Pakistan, Iran, Taliban, North Korea, Syria. We have never been able to "trust" China.

Inside China, absolutely no foreign telecom, IP / data or other communications foreign frameworks are allowed. And China's argument to foreign companies or governments is fear of 'espionage" and "listening in" or "interferrence' in official Chinese duties.

Why is the us educating 1.5 million foreign missile engineers?

Roughly 1.5 Million college students in America are non-citizens. Chinese students  represent 31% of foreign student population, followed by Saudi and South Korea. Saudi Arabia hosts Ramadan, which is the event cited by ISIS (Daesh) as its foremost inspiration. Every terrorist or lone wolf since Sept. 11, 2001, has had a Riyadh connection or taken at least one trip to Riyadh. WHY let either China OR Saudi Arabia do any business in the US, OR educate any students here?

Saudi Arabia is the nation that gave us Sept 11, 2001: binLaden was Saudi. And its influence is noted throughout the Muslim world, in beheadings and other atrocities. Saudi Arabia is the inspiration for ISIS, which modeled its beheading of the first Westerner after Saudi public executions. Yet Centcom, a major USAF command, lists Saudi Arabia as a "partner." Saudi has none of the sophistication or cultured demeanor of Dubais and the United Arab Emirates - it is almost like Egypt - largely blue collar and peasant oriented. From these uneducated and Islamic Extremist roots, came Al Queda and Sept 11; the Taliban; and the lone wolf attacks now plaguing the UK, Europe and to a lesser extent the US.



China gave us North Korea. And North Korean missile development. Nuclear escalation once again. Yet we pay for their students to study here. Most Chinese students will not stay in the US to support the US with their education - China mandates  a compulsory government or public service period after  college. Because Chinese study primarily engineering and science, it is likely they will return and support military development against us. Or military development to support terrorism. Only 65% of US high school graduates continue on to college the next year. Wow. And of those who do not go straight to college, only 50% will find work by the next fall - blue collar or unskilled jobs with little future. No wonder countries like China like us so much. And our own families and children are so demoralized.

Earlier this summer, China tested and deployed a highly sophisticated missile defense system to rival THAAD. It is said to be on a par with both Russian and US technology. Pretty impressive for a country that cannot control its own air pollution. China took this technology from the West. And in particular, from America.

China then gave or will give this technology to terrorists and our enemies: Pakistan, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Syria.






China plans to launch and steer enemy and terrorist missiles?


China's beidou II to be ready by 2020

China hopes to have fully operation, global GPS satellite systems in place in another 2 years. The completed BeiDou satellite network will provide missile / aviation launch and guidance, operational and communications capabilities for global military and civilian fleets, and will be used as well to support China's fledgling space programme. Beidou will also - unless intervened with - power North Korean missiles, ISIS or other terrorist drones or UAVs, and support two-way cyber and ISR sabotague. Currently, North Korea still relies on a combination of US and Russian GPS and other satnet and ground stations to launch and guide its ICBM and nuclear missiles, (more sophisticated) jet aircraft, and other secure communications or geo-locational services.

Like the US Tomahawk smart weapon, or similar guided weapons, North Korean missiles go through a series of events, with some variance depending on onboard computer sophistication and missile model and range, that requires satellite or telemetry (ground station) or other feedback - it may be space-based laer, or optical light, or infared or microwave signal - to trigger a missile launch, and/or to guide the missile and let remote handlers adjust its course until impact.

So warfare - missile, UAV, jet fighter, communications - as with the US early GPS system, is China's primary focus in building BeiDou. Its space progam, potentially, to reseach biological warfare capabilities, per posted Chinese materials. This is the nation we have let own and build private telecom, communications, data, internet and other security infrastructure INSIDE THE US. We do not wish to be caught off guard again, as we were with North Korea.