Total Situational Awareness

When seconds and precise location count, war fighters need the most accurate PNT and GPS feedback possible. DSG capabilities include tactical and defensive GPS, situational awareness and mission support insight, satellite modulation, USNO time signal evaluation and cyber.

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In the very near future, we will simply not let enemy missiles launch

In 2016, long before North Korea was a blip on the global media's radar, DSG quietly began work on a Pre-Launch missile framework. A new design to sit in front of THAAD (land or air) or AEGIS (seaborne) missile defense capabilities to try to prevent missile or other smart weapon launch. Our design has favorable informal review from US military command officers, and we are nearing prototype.

Current missile defense was never intended to stop 100% of all enemy missiles. And that was "good enough," when we started, long beore Sept. 11 and the new age of global terrorism. A nuclear and ICBM non-proliferation treaty was in place and today's state of affairs was never anticipated. We expected to be fighting scenarios such as Israel fights, with its Iron Dome or Achilles Sling: known enemies, known direction of attack, limited warheads.


Today's nuclear and ICBM threat arenas have changed dramatically from when the West started building missile defense: and capabilities have not kept up with enemy engineering advances. And failure rates range from 15% to 35%.

When each ONE enemy missile may now contain up to 15 or more nuclear warheads, each warhead capable of killing 3 Million + humans, any margin of error is unacceptable. And any additional layer of defense is critically important.

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