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You steer and we will drive - Capture and Business Development guidance for mission-critical markets. 

Our aerospace engineering, satellite, laser and space innovation and design have powered DARPA and NASA robotics, are at orbit in the Interational Space Station, and are currently supporting a paradigm-changing engineering framework for Pre-Launch Missile Defense.  

In the fields of Defense, Aerospace, Avionics and Flight Safety, we provide both foundational software leadesrhip and mission support, and best-in-breed innovation  to help mission-critical teams function at optimum potential. This strong foundational knowledge in technology and government services makes us a great choice for larger GovCon seeking an 8(a) partner, or for anyone seeking to capture or grow government business. Or seeking to grow in global markets, public and private sector.

Our BD Arenas

  • AVIONICS, fuel + energy

    DSG is a registered avionics and fuel prime contractor and we bid on DLA and global wet leases, fuels, jet and avionics bid areas. As well as product re-branding, TSA and Intelligence IT work.

  • aerospace and defense

    UAV, missile, space and satellite technology. And the mission assurance of software, DevOps, cloud, and cyber security that keep our national defense at optimum performance.


    From our performace on the Singapore Government Health Care Marketplace - a world leader - to innovation for online ERM - we excel in enterprise health care policy and programs..


    We  support rapid proto-type and development, as well as unsolicited or T2M innovation proposals and technology transfer. Algorithm, AI, smart grids - whatever you can imagine.