Global Hawk

Aviation Tenders

Quality and reliable vendor sourcing for mission-critical needs - fuel, aircraft leasing, DLA and commodities - is as intrinsic to mission success as the people serving.



US Federal Government

FEMA. DLA. Civilian Agencies.

Contact us for pricing or quote, or to team with us on bidding for DLA, Army Single Face to Industry, or any other US Federal Government, or local government bid platform. In general, we only accept suppliers who provide net-30 terms, and for commodities, have only US, Commonwealth, or EU government or investor involvement.

FOCUS AREAS: Intelligence, computing, fuel, services


In addition to US government bidding, we are registered providers to government agencies in Canada and the UK, and as suppliers to the UN Secretariat, UNESCO, UNEDEP, and the UN Peacekeeping Force.

FOCUS AREAS: Aircraft, aircraft lease and wet lease, fuel, flight-related components, other. On request we are able to furnish humanitarian mission leaders, linguists or supply chain management for certain high-focus areas. Contact us for specific requests.


Our sole source history includes FEMA, and the US Department of Homeland Security. We also have a strong background in intelligence, ATF, law enforcement data analysis and database, and secure communications. We also welcome unsolicited, DARPA or other innovation inquiries. For civilian, sub-contractor, supplier or other inquiries not fitting the above two categories, please contact us. We respond quickly.

FOCUS AREAS:   Technology Innovation or Services,  Energy, Aerospace, Defense, Data, Intelligence, Advanced Analytics