Industry Arenas

Industry Verticals


  • Space & Missile Systems
  • Mission Assurance, DevOps
  • FedRAMP and Cloud
  • ISR, Cyber and Communications
  • Software Development
  • ININT, GEOSINT, OPSEC, Analytics
  • DLA and Sourcing
  • Counter-Terrorism, OPSEC, OSINT
  • Jet Fuel and Engine Innovation

  • C-Suite and Executive Leadership
  • Enterprisk Risk Management
  • Growth and Performance
  • Business Strategy
  • GLobal Markets
  • Offshore Markets and FINTECH
  • Operational Efficiency
  • FATCA, FISMA, AML, Fraud, Basil, Stability
  • Corporate Tax, Audit, Fraud

  • Cloud and Cyber Security
  • Energy and Fuel
  • Government Acquisitions
  • Healthcare IT
  • Software and Mobile Development
  • Technology Innovation
  • Enterprise & Solution Architecture
  • Product and Aerospace Innovation

Featured Expertise

Defense and Space
Remote Warfare and Future Needs

DSG teams have worked with US Navy teams to beat NASA computers, in speed tests for prediction of recovery path and debris settlement. We have supported product innovation and development for the International Space Station. And helped launch the Navy's first algae jet fuel R&d, teaming with the US Dept. of Energy. We thrive on Innovation!

Strategy and Operations
Advanced Analytics

DSG works with GovCon and business clients worldwide to optimize performance and delivery in tough, competitive global markets. We focus on operational efficiency, compliance and export controls, and the critical ROI-Margin-Sales equation.

Business Development
GovCon and Business

DSG knows how tough it is to capture tough government contract awards. Yet with the correct technology evaluations, bid strategy and competitive pricing and market analysis, capture rates of 80%+ are quite achievable. In any market.