AI-Driven SAS

Operationalizing Advanced Analytics

It's not enough to provide our customers the best insight or business intelligence available. Our immediate next step is to advise them how to 'operationalize' the insight gained from the analytics. 

AI-powered Data Analytics

We support NRO, NGA, UAV and satellite collection and analysis. Our innovation includes recent partnership with Oracle, Digital Earth and NOAH to dramatically enhance real-time analysis of North Korean military movements.

Financial Analytics

Our software and search innovation has helped the Colombian government pressure terrorist group FARC into a peace treaty, and supported French and Spanish arrests in those nations.

Dashboards and Analysis

A good front-end dashboard such as Adaptive Analytics or Tableau lets customers spend more time analyzing performance, not managing manual data entry and collection.

Salesforce and Customer Analytics

We are a huge fan of Einstein Discovery (Salesforce) to automatically analyze millions of rows of data in minutes to understand what’s happening and what to do next.

Case Studies

AI-Driven Data Analytics

SAS is the widely acknowledged leader in analytics. We utilize tools including SAS to help customers and C-Suites operationalize advanced analytics to drive business value and market sales.  This approach helps harvest representative Big Data to improve healthcare, commercial appeal, and other impact for your customers.


Product Innovation and Safety Analysis

Recent work includes supporting innovation design and software monetization for Volvo Motors, and analysis and elevation of product defects at the request of Ford Motors and NTSB in Washington.


Social Data Insights and Governance

Social data not only tells brands insights related to purchasing preferences, but also shows brands what customers value.