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About DSG

About Us

DSG ι the DC Strategic Group helps teams collaborate, build, capture, and innovate for mission-critical needs. We are a US Federal Government WSOB with HQ in northern Virginia, serving public and private sector needs worldwide. Our software and consulting services support teams of all shapes and sizes, in diverse industries.

Our Clients

As a US Federal contractor, we serve government agencies and GovCon of all size and scope, with a focus on Defense and Finance. Clients include VISA, Monsanto, John Deere Innovation, NASA, US Military and Civilian Agencies, Israeli Defense, UK and European Union intelligence and law enforcement. Our primary end customers are National Security-related agencies or GovCon, for technology; energy and Fortune 200, for C-Suite.

Government Contracts

Our Capabilities

We provide C-Suite leadership and technology innovation in cyber security, missile defense and tactical combat, counter-terrorism, Big Data, software and design. DSG has led ORNL-DOE teams in R&D for US Navy Jet Fuel development; teamed with US Navy computing to beat NASA computers in timed recovery path prediction; and we have led in original design for DARPA robotics, social policy (autism), and pre-launch missile response.

About DSG

Our History ι Sept. 11

We were founded by a single mom, who was recognized by the US Oval Office, EU and other leadership for her Sept. 11, 2001 intelligence work.

Tragically, this attention led to threats against her family and the kidnap and disappearance of her young child, Evan Carpenter, from north Virginia. His NCMEC case # is #1248039, if you can help find Evan. It is now known that original kidnap reports and statements are "missing," and in 2016, males kicked in his mother's Reston condo door screaming about her "dead son."

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